Inspired by fashion and global designers, but not the price tags that came with, Leslee wanted to create a handbag and accessories line that was functional and beautiful without the exorbitant prices as well as give women the freedom to be stylish and active with all their essentials close at hand.

In addition to handbags, Leslee makes unique luxurious mink slides that are made from repurposed vintage mink coats with memory foam comfort soles. LP handbags as well as the slides are a great combo for traveling, which inspired the names of each handbag design, as most of the handbags have great functionality and allow you to be hands free.

Each design is handcrafted in a charming studio in Manhattan beach California with the ocean just steps away. LP handbags are made with luxurious leathers and hair on hides that are durable and ages more beautifully with wear. Leslee shares her passion as an artist, inventor and designer with her identical twin sister Lisa.

Although living in different states for the last fifteen years, as salon owners together for many years it allowed them to inspire each other and to take risks. Having obtained two patents in the hair industry that made it to market in the late 1990’s without the technology readily available today, it gave Leslee the confidence to start her brand LP designs and to hopefully inspire women to be bold and empower women to follow they’re passion!

As fashion is ever changing, LP designs looks forward to creating more beautiful handcrafted handbags and accessories to the LP brand.

Leslee Peck

Leslee Peck